A Sweet Inspiration From The Past

Sunset in Gaeta

Sunset in Gaeta



A Sweet Inspiration From The Past

It was a season of sweet inspiration while on a summer vacation

When our eyes met it was a moment that I shall never forget,

You inspired me when you first desired me and I closed my eyes

We kissed and fell into into an Abyss of desire, much to my surprise.

We played and we laughed and never thought of the logic or the math

We lived in the moment, the forever, and the days quickly ran together,

At last all of the trappings and responsibiities of life pursued and ensued

We said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes and never once looked back.

More than twenty years have past; you have once again walked into my path

Although this time as a friend, I know that in the end we shall meet again,

I hope that my memory and my poems are a blessing and not just an obligation

The time that we shared and the way that you cared are such a sweet inspiration.

Written for my friend from Gaeta who is a beautiful and caring creature….


Gary Dean Cox